Help support Black owned small businesses by donating to the fund that pledges to make $1000 grants for 25 business owners! 

Support the fund that will make $1000 Grants to Black owned small businesses


As a small business owner, I wanted to rally support for Black-owned small businesses in the Chicagoland area and raise money to help them during COVID-19 and all the civil unrest as Crisis Relief. Yes, there are funding options (mostly loans) out there to try and alleviate the burden on small businesses, BUT they are also geared toward the larger small businesses.


What about the Black-owned businesses who can't take a loan because it might not be a viable option for the business right now? This is our time to help and do it TOGETHER!


Some of the greatest services we receive and products we know as customers are from a one-person show, so what are they doing now after many of them have had to close their doors? How are they surviving? How are they re-opening? Let's help them.


As I thought about this more, I quickly understood how important this is to the livelihood of our small businesses, especially Black-owned businesses! I have started with a small goal to help at least 25 businesses and raise money to give directly to them, to use for things like: Inventory Replacement, Equipment, POS Upgrades, Subscriptions, Business Insurance, Stipends for Interns, Broken Glass Windows and so much more.


ALL of the donations Goes directly to the businesses!


If we raise $25,0000 that will give each business a $1000 grant. But, the more we raise, the more they will get!

Stacey Pitts Caldwell, MBA

Owner, SMP Creative Business & Design

INTERested in
applying for this grant?
Once the $25K goal is met, we will be notifying all interested Black owned small business owners, who have submitted forms of interest, of the application opening.  Please check your eligibility below before submitting a form of interest.

GENERAL Criteria

100% Black Owned

Less than 5 employees

Less than $75K annual revenue

customer referral

You will need to submit a customer referral as part of the application

business account

You will need a valid business account and FEIN # to apply

other requirements

We will need to verify that you have a website and at least one social media business page

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

When you purchase our TBEC Logo apparel, 100% of the proceeds go to the fund that supports Black owned businesses.  When you buy, you contribute to each $1000 grant the fund awards!

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