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Help support Black owned small businesses by donating to the fund that gives $1000 grants to Black business owners! 

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2020 Grant Recipients
2020 Grantees

YJL is an intersection of luxury, fine art, and fortitude, and our mission is to redefine each. A luxury that does disservice to humanity is not a luxury, it’s a lie. If it hasn’t come from the hands of artisans, it’s not fine art, it’s fabricated. If it hasn’t culminated from adversity, it isn’t fortitudinous, it’s flimsy. YJL’s focus is not solely on artistic integrity and opulence, but social justice and humanity. We go over the top for the underdog. Indulge in luxury that uplifts.


The uDe Agency LLC (formally unDINAIable Events) is an independent experiential marketing and events agency. We bring community together through curated experiences. We assist our clients in producing events and campaigns, that matter and are memorable!

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Raised amongst the savvy, distinguished males in many different circles in Chicago, this born and bred skin therapist has it in her DNA to anticipate the needs of her renowned clients. As a child, she admired the renaissance man that was her father, a well traveled and respected man amongst the West Side community. She continues his legacy of his zest for life, and also his affirming motto of “Your scent is your presence”.

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Renee Ramore Hair Care is a full service salon and Hair Care company providing excellent products and services. Our hair care products are top of the line products created to revitalize all hair types and restore damaged, overworked hair.

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Renee Carter is the founder and President of New Nurse University Inc., a tutoring company established in 2016 that is on a mission to help 500 first generation undergraduate nursing students and new nurses jumpstart their careers. So far we have helped 150 students in more than 20 states pass the state boards and nursing school. As we continue to make an impact providing study, test taking and critical thinking skills, we hope to grow into a full service center in the Chicagoland area.

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With years of experience as an aesthetician, Miyoshi has always took pride in providing lashing a experience that made her clients feel beautiful inside and out. As a mother of two and caregiver to her grandmother, Miyoshi continues to make a lasting impression on friends, family and clients as the aesthetician who not only provides a service but educates you along the way.

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Personalized service real estate brokerage. We specialize in assisting seller, buyers and investors. Our services include an experience team of real estate professionals to assist you from beginning to keys. We are here to earn your business and to listen to our customers real estate needs. At House 2 Home. Building generational wealth is what we do. Remember, it is only about you.