Business Meets Real Life™  is designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs in different phases of their business get to the next level.  Through specialty topic business planners, area focused workbooks, online courses and custom designed one-on-one coaching sessions, BMRL is designed with the entrepreneurial journey in mind.

Are you an organization or company looking to expand your current programming? BMRL materials and services can be used as additional support and guidance for small business trainings and/or cohort programs that are specifically designed for the development of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Business planners and workbooks can be purchased in bulk or in smaller quantities, by selecting from the topics listed below.  Our clients have purchased BMRL bundles (3 or more workbooks/planners) for their programs to provide complete customization. 

Are you an entrepreneur looking for customized support and ways to hold yourself accountable as you continue to develop your business? BMRL can customize a plan for you that is designed to meet your individual needs.  Simply submit your information to us via the form below for a 15 minute discovery call to find out how the customization process works.

Content Marketing Workbook
Before You Launch Workbook
Organize Your Social Media Planning Workbook

Plan to Podcast Workbook - Coming soon
Promote What You Have - Coming soon
Revenue Review - Coming soon
Plan for The Holidays - Comings soon
Marketing in 90 Days - Coming soon
Create Your Virtual Course - Coming soon
Video Marketing Planner - Coming soon
Launch Your Product Planner - Coming soon
And more - Coming soon!


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