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30 Day Brand Monitoring w/Feedback, Recommendations & Consultations


Based on your questions and concerns, we will monitor your business on social media, google search and review any existing marketing collateral for 30 days to provide you with more insights into performance and awareness. 


At the beginning of the 30-day period, you will schedule a 30 minute 1:1 and the review of your business brand begins.  Starting the 23rd day, you can schedule your full 60 minute 1:1 consultation to get feedback and recommendations on your brand - or - you can wait until after your brand monitoring ends to schedule this consultation.

30 Day Brand Monitoring

  • ***Please note that if you begin a branding project with SMP within 30 days of your consultation, we will apply a $150 credit to your project! Once you submit the Brand Consultation form, you will be automatically directed to the checkout page to select your consultation type. 

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